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Sea Level Rise and Some of Our Most Important Monuments

About a month ago, Rolling Stone Magazine published: “What Happens When a Superstorm Hits D.C.?” Its lead image- Another image shown in the article is of a section of flood wall along 17th St. in D.C. that must be manually

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Development Projects Featuring “Resilience” to Climate Change (Pt 2)

Pt 1 on the subject, a couple weeks back, was about The Wharf, a 24-block resilient development along 1 mi. of Washington, DC waterfront. Today: Harvard’s Spaulding Rehab Hospital, located in the Inner Harbor of Boston. And, a late addition

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Development Projects Featuring “Resilience” to Climate Change (Pt 1)

The more attention on resilience strategies/outcomes being added to our built environment the better I feel. I blogged about resilience to climate change awhile back: “Resilience addresses shocks and stresses, and, while not geared toward any single shock or stress,

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Taking on Climate Change Through Resilience.

(I prepared the following piece for a news outlet that lost its funding too soon thereafter.) “Resilience” read the sign board at the historic African-American Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, a modest 2-story structure in a minority neighborhood near my office in

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Cleaner DC-Area Rivers – The “Lady Bird” TBM. (More on Resiliency.)

A giant mechanical earthworm named “Lady Bird” has been carving a cavernous storage conduit beneath the Potomac from Blue Plains wastewater treatment plant in southwest Washington, DC (just south of Bolling Field) toward Nationals Park, creating the first of several

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