Month: March 2017

Goodwill Stitched into the Urban Fabric

Late last year I wrote about GE’s new HQ, choosing new construction and renovation in Boston’s Seaport District in favor of its grassy suburban digs in Fairfield County, CT. “We want our [new] campus to be a global epicenter of

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Black Rail Bird Threatened (last week) – Offsetting Good News

Last week’s post ended: “As sea level rise has been noted more recently, you might ask yourself if something else contributed to the Eastern Black Rail’s near-extinction over the 25-year period? How ’bout substantial coastal urbanization that’s included paving over

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Black Rail Bird Threatened – Offsetting Good News (next week)

The 6″ small Eastern Black Rail bird as harbinger of something huge I once wrote for the worthy “Bay Journal Daily News” a story about natural shorelines; a particularly great project just off the Severn River at Annapolis. In its lead

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Protect/Sustain our Way of Life!

My reading digest suggests rather clearly that we humans are losing the variety of life on Earth–biodiversity–at an accelerating rate. Chief among reasons: air pollution. And ocean acidification and warming, induced by fossil fuel burning, where coral reefs are dying

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Explore the True (Lifecycle) Costs of Coal – Harvard School of Public Health

The U.S. Green Building Council recently called for its members to vote in an election of new directors to its board. Before casting my vote, I, of course, thought it a good idea to review the background of the candidates. One

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