Month: January 2017

More on Auto-Centric Sprawl

Unhealthy too? These suburban views are common to many of us. Makes me think of William Whyte’s The Organization Man (1956) For those of you unfamiliar with Whyte’s work, he showed how big corporations of the day sought out the ideal

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Barn New and green

I once attended “Barn Again,” an event at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC, where participants got to help reconstruct a historic barn within the cavernous great hall. It was a blast. Pegs for mortise and tenon joints ‘n

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Wellness at Work? WELL Certified

“We spend 90% of our time indoors.” Introducing here… The International Well Building Institute, a public benefit corporation, is a relatively new organization offering a voluntary 3rd-party performance-based certification of buildings in order to “[empower] the creation of healthy environments

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A Millennial’s View – Tesla, the “inexpensive” version

[Happy New Year, All!] Mark, a great friend of our son’s, visited all of us gathered at Christmas. He graduated from college nearly 7 years ago, and now works as a detective for the San Rafael, CA, PD. Striking up

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