Month: December 2016

2017 Predictions

While waiting a few more days for the New Year… here’s what I think we’ll see in 2017. Top 5: California and China will lead the global green movement as the incoming U.S. federal government leadership seeks what’s clean about

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Holiday Greetings

2016  Peace on Earth – Goodwill Toward All MERRY CHRISTMAS!         HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Step Out for Cleaner Energy by Walking On It

Great headline from FutureStructure: “Kinetic Tiles Bring New Meaning to Power Walk” See it at DuPont Circle in Washington, DC. Try it there. Or, maybe you walk over it regularly since its dedication last month? Just completed is the installation

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“Magic Pipe” Costs Princess a Very Untidy $40M

A subsidiary of a U.S.-based international corporation has agreed to plead guilty to 7 felony charges at a cost of $40M, the largest-ever criminal penalty assessed involving deliberate vessel pollution. Princess Cruise Lines managers have been cheatin’ and lyin’ about

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