Month: November 2016

“Cow Farts” Regulated. An Alternative

Did notice escape you that legislation was enacted into CA law last week that regulates greenhouse-gas emissions tied to livestock and dairy cow manure management…and organic waste and landfills?  Reminiscent of the so-called rain tax (stormwater remediation fee) here in

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Short week – short post

  (A Happy Thanksgiving to all.)

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“I’m not a believer in man-made global warming.” –Donald Trump, President-elect

This quote comes from a recorded interview Hugh Hewitt had with Mr. Trump on September 21, 2015. (No Pinocchios!) And, there have been other interviews to the same effect. Mr. Trump has pledged to cancel U.S. participation in the Paris

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As I Turned Off the Light Last Night…

I began to worry about environmental protection. Perhaps there was a premonition of a Clinton loss, or a sense that the results I was seeing just after 9pm didn’t have the right “feel.” So, it was the Paris Climate Accord

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Millennial Workforce Shunning the ‘Burbs? How Some Leading Corporations Are Reacting

From Wilmington, DE, comes news of Chemours, a major chemicals company spun off from DuPont about 18 months ago, choosing to remain in the city. GE is relocating its world HQ from Fairfield, CT, to the Seaport District of downtown

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