Month: October 2016

Homage to “The World’s Greenest Commercial Building” – Pt 2 of 2

Continuing yesterday’s post about the Bullitt Center (Pt 1), I’ll recopy the Living Building Challenge Imperatives summary that are relevant to today’s post: Energy: A solar array generates as much electricity as the building uses (actually 60% more than we

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Homage to “The World’s Greenest Commercial Building” – Pt 1 of 2

The focus of this blog must return to its origins, now and then. Namely, how to design, build and operate very energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings. What’s the world’s most sustainable commercial building? That’d be the 50K sq. ft. 6-story

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Update on the Paris Climate Accord • Cap-and-Trade and other Mitigation too

As many of you know, the minimum 55 countries needed to ratify the Accord have done so. How great is that?! In fact, the number of “parties” ratifying so far is 81. India was a major “grab” for doing something

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What Baltimore Congregations are Doing to Improve Stormwater Remediation

Late last month on a Sunday evening I attended Blue Water Congregation’s Celebration dinner buffet at St. Anthony’s of Padua Catholic Church on the far east side of the city. It was immediately evident at St. Anthony’s that pave-over has long

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Revisiting The Green Road at Walter Reed

“Wild nature will heal PTSD” The dedication of what’s now officially named “The Green Road Healing Woodland Garden” occurred late Monday morning, September 26th. The sky was overcast. Tree cover across the Green Road Garden was plentiful. A family of

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