Month: September 2016

Of Interest + Of Use ? (Pt 2)

CarbonCureTM  – Simply Better Concrete “Now CO2 from smokestacks can be permanently sequestered inside Ernest Maier concrete masonry.” “100K grey block absorb the same amount of CO2 as 110 full grown trees will absorb in a year.” Let’s call it “green

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Of Interest – Of Use ? (Pt 1)

Bacteria thrive as the Atlantic warms, The Washington Post, 8.10.16 Environmental journalist Chris Mooney reports: “Tiny marine organisms capable of causing deadly infections in both fish and people are becoming more prevalent in the North Atlantic coastal regions as climate

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“Before I die I want to…”

Subtitle: “About Dreams, Hope and Community Transformation–Starbucks CEO & Co. too.” A much more recent alum of the graduate school I attended shows how she cares about the vitality of her community in this marvelous 6-minute TED Talk. She’s trained

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More on those Ubiquitous Plastic Shopping Bags

Yes, ubiquitous. You’ve seen … from the grocery store bagging areas to lugging hands, to stormwater inlets, to river banks, and, to tree branches. Ugh! I haven’t seen them in my dreams, as yet, but they’re just about everywhere else.

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