Month: August 2016

Big-Time Glacier Melt Not at the Poles

“In a land of glaciers, even optimism is receding” Appearing on “The World” page of a recent Washington Post edition, the subtitle to Tim Craig’s piece reads: “The villages of Pakistan’s scenic valleys are coming to terms with what life

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Looking for Waterfront Ownership? Consider a Vineyard Instead.

This isn’t really a joke, or humorous, is it? Let’s look at an easier topic. Vineyards. Inland. In January 2015 I posted about Certified Biodynamic wines which, for me, are satisfying for the way the vineyards are run; sustainable farming

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Canary (from The New Yorker)


Seems Like “Get Out!” Is What Many of You are Doing…

As readership has fallen a good share in the last week or so, likely due to vacationing, I will hold off on posting more than a green cartoon today and next Wednesday. This one comes from the 8/8 issue of

Doing Something Along the Other Side of the Tracks

2-3 years ago I encountered several folk who asked me what green initiatives like LEED offer to the poor. Fortunately, I had an (one) answer. I knew the Annapolis Housing Authority was putting solar PV panels on the roofs of

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