Month: June 2016

The Art of Stormwater Management (Incredible! Beguiling! Beautiful!)

Welcome to some certifiable artistic creativity–with positive environmental impact. The work of Seattle sculpture Buster Simpson is an eye-opener, to pick one adjective! (His curriculum vitae, here.) Back in 2009, Simpson gave a lecture titled: “Poetic Utilities: Artists Re-Imagine Water Infrastructure.”

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Pop-Up Outdoor Offices? And, the Flint Water Crisis Revisited Some–Parts/Billion

The piece in The Washington Post the other day opened: “Office-space design is undergoing a period of experimentation.” With the accompanying picture, I thought the lead was a bit understated. I first saw notice of the new concept at “Biznow,

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Get Out!

It’s that time of year again–for those who may have been procrastinating due to “unseasonable” weather. Time to get to the woods, the shore or a national park. That’s some of what I’m looking to do here in the San

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…on the Subject of Waste Can Liners

A good friend, a retired Episcopal priest, is one of the more environmentally conscious people I happen to know who’s not in the biz. He and his charming wife recycle their used paper shopping bags as kitchen waste can liners.

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“Green Think” – 2

Before getting to the main topic of today’s post, let me say the City of Annapolis, MD, has recently done a very good deed at long last: it has banned coal tar sealant (coal tar or PAHs–polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) from

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