Month: May 2016

“Green Think” – 1

Before getting to new posting material, I need to update/revise my post about the air above. Turns out the U.S. EPA disagrees with the MD Department of the Environment about progress in meeting federal guidelines for air pollutants such as

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Looking Into Now–And the Future Zooming Around the Corner

Kids. Grown-ups. 140 student participants from 30 states, representing 40 organizations, set up their displays at the 6th Annual White House Science Fair recently. The focus of this science fair is STEM for students. (All quoted materials comes from The

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Things Looking Better Overhead but Worse Below

“Air pollution in the state falls to three-decade low” trumpted a recent Washington Post article. Sub-title: “Md. set to meet federal standards, thanks to environmental efforts.” Well, Booyah, I say! It was a while back (August 2013) that I used this

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Marine Ecosystems Under Duress No Thanks to Plastics

At the 3rd Annual Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) meeting of Baltimore members, the featured speaker was Julie Lawson, who, as Executive Director, co-founded and is single-handedly leading the non-profit, Trash Free Maryland (TFMD). On its home page is a recently

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