Month: December 2015

2015 coming to an end… Nature Sacred and a Greenbiz post.

The other day I came across a blog post from titled “15 for ’15: The surprising breakthroughs of 2015.” These breakthroughs were noted by sustainability thought-leaders. Before briefly characterizing and linking the piece, I offer 2 items not on

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What’s Not to Appreciate? Thanks, USAF Band for this Holidays Tribute to Our Vets! From Union Station, Washington, DC.

Opening drum roll definitely a musical riff on the work of Gene Krupa. Or, was it Buddy Rich? No matter, this video is to enjoy for pure entertainment and its location in a portal to war and sacrifice for many

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Game Theory Applied to Climate Change Negotiations

As I draft this post, the climate talks in Paris are coming down to the wire. In the Winter 2015 issue of “Columbia Magazine” is a piece where Scott Barrett, a professor of natural resources economics there, is interviewed. He’s internationally

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Greenwash or Raw Milk for Big Business? Raw Milk for Goldman Sachs – update.

Taking on Climate Change Through Resilience.

(I prepared the following piece for a news outlet that lost its funding too soon thereafter.) “Resilience” read the sign board at the historic African-American Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, a modest 2-story structure in a minority neighborhood near my office in

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Greenwash or Raw Milk for Big Business? Inside Goldman Sachs.

(First in an occasional series…) Goldman Sachs (GS), the venerated Wall Street multinational investment banking firm, first embraced environmental stewardship in 2005 when it established its “Environmental Policy Framework.” A prominently featured statement at its website is: “We remain dedicated

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