Month: November 2015

Nature- What’s In and Out in the Coming Year(s)

One of my favorite columns in The Washington Post at New Year’s is its what’s in/what’s out list, such as this one I’m making up as a draft: In- Caitlin  Out- Bruce In- Tesla Out- Hummer/other road tanks In- Washington

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Further Stressing Corals – “Oil Slicks”

  I blogged recently about how ocean acidification is killing coral reefs. Now comes news that, in what previously was thought to be the harmless use of high SPF sun tan lotion for skin protection against too much sun, is an ingredient that

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Mallows Bay, Maryland – Designation as One of Newest National Marine Sanctuaries Planned. And, other about marine environment and life.

What a fascinating area is Mallows Bay! 14 sq. mi. along the Potomac River in Charles Co. (southern), Maryland. Mallows Bay has been designated by NOAA as a National Marine Sanctuary after significant public input. Charles Co. (which operates it

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Ft. McHenry LEED certified? Well, its Visitor Center Is. Also: a stunning desert home rated green by a different program

On a beautiful day back in September my wife and I went to Ft. McHenry. I’ve seen a lot of America, including many, many historic sites. But not Ft. McHenry. Now, living in Baltimore City for well more than a

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