Month: October 2015

Creativity, dedication, legal challenge bring shoreline to life

Something new to the blog: This piece, ©Bay Journal News Service, is reprinted and modified here with permission.  Written by me and first published 10/13/15, it’s been revised for blogging by adding copyrighted images provided by Underwood & Associates. See it

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Still Searching for the Climate of Yesteryear

Too deep in? Maybe that’s why I continue to be shocked, and dismayed, by the caliber of some of our national political office holders/leaders. Particularly one representing Phoenix for the Republican Party. He, U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, got me thinking

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Bumps in the Road > Wireless Charging Along Roadways

Again, while abroad back in August, I picked up a copy of The Times whereupon I spotted more on the subject of my blog post of 10/2/13: energy recovery when driving. Now comes what the article referred to as Scalextric-style

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Why Does This Horror Show Have to Run So Often?

Worried about infringement of your Second Amendment rights? Concerned with human life? Have any feeling of embarrassment as an American? How does this square with American exceptionalism, i.e., John Winthrop’s “as a City on the hill” with all eyes upon

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