Month: January 2015

Wine Drinking – Biodynamics

A parishioner friend introduced me to biodynamic vintning the other week. As I wasn’t copacetic on the matter, he spared my ignorance by immediately telling me what that means for wine drinkers. By way of definition from The Biodynamic Association,

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“…it is man who has slapped nature in the face.” –Pope Francis

Wow! Pope Francis is planning to release sometime this summer an encyclical on the environment. What an important voice to be heard… According to a tagline about it in today’s edition of the Baltimore Sun: “U. S. conservatives are attacking

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A Definitely Good Approach to (Urban) Living…

On an city hike earlier today, we came upon this Station North urban farm where we spotted a bunch of hens (roosters are illegal), a coop, active bee hives and tilled land that surely had produced some agricultural products last growing season.

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A New Light for Your Backyard? and, a P. S. on the recent mass murders in Paris

Folks- Seems like someone has thought of most anything to make and sell to someone else. This Solar Stained Glass Church Stake, which a dear friend gave me for Christmas for advising her some on the installation of solar panels

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more on Charlie Hebdo…

Here’s another view on the magazine publisher and its satirical cartoons. In the Washington Post, the title is “Charlie Hebdo attack isn’t about images, free speech.” The original commentary was published in Religion News Service.  

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Ocean Acidification (OA) – Part I

Today I’m posting about what to me is some recent environmental research of the unnerving sort. Ocean Acidification – global  warming’s “equally evil twin.” I’ve lately been reading New Yorker Science writer Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction,” published last year by

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First Day Hikes. Did You Miss It? It Was Yesterday.

<< Here’s the cover photo from a website related to First Day Hikes. Pretty inviting, eh? Well, it’s not something those living in the Middle Atlantic region are going to see. But, here’s a possibility >> . Did I miss

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