Month: October 2014

Cupless Running

From the always imaginative folks at Annapolis Green comes the suggestion that Hydra Pouches be substituted for paper cups at events like 10Ks, marathons or triathlons. What a sensible way to eliminate unnecessary waste! Do you have one?  Use it

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Stemming the Loss of Heritage and/or Sparing the Environment. What’s Embodied Energy Got to Do With It?

Background– The other Saturday I was in NYC attending a day-long symposium celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Historic Preservation program’s founding in the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia. A good share of the program assumed the climate-preserving virtue

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One Researched Reason for Why Neighbors Add Rooftop PV Systems

Washington Post (print ed.) headline today: “What’s behind the spread of solar? Peer pressure.” I’d have thought it’s because the price of panels has dropped so dramatically. From the article: “The installation of one additional solar photovoltaic roftop project within

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Payments for Ecosystem Services. Know About It?

Beleaguered Liberia (Ebola) will receive $150M in aid from Norway in exchange for Liberia’s cessation of clear-cutting its rain forest. Now that’s progressive! This negotiation is a payment for ecosystem services. Negotiations of this kind follow a rationale known as

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Flooding. And, a Nobel.

Couple of interesting pieces in newspapers last week. Flooding– A study by the Union of Concerned Scientists warns of cities at risk of regular flooding in years to come. Some may view UCS as left-leaning politically. Perhaps you can edify me

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Some of you may know that Amtrak offers its passengers the choice to offset the carbon associated with train travel. For an upcoming trip to New York I was offered the opportunity to pay $.40 to offset .04 tons of

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Ford. Galloping for Green!

Some who know me know why I have an affinity for FoMoCo. For one, I grew up in Motown. I even knew a Ford or two, including a racy Cougar. So, the Baltimore Sun picked up a piece about Ford originally printed

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How Could It Be? Marine and Other Wildlife Habitats in Very Big Trouble!

The marine environment is under attack, globally. First news: regional. Second: global. While the spotted sturgeon are resurgent in the Chesapeake Bay, the rockfish population has fallen. For more, click here. What’s caused me to post is news today: “Humans

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