Month: September 2014

“For us, climate change…is a threat that we want to act on.”

“We’re not aligning with skeptics.” So claimed Ben van Beurden, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, last week in an interview with Steven Mufson of The Washington Post. “The real challenge is not so much how do we accelerate renewables but

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Climate-Change Denier Think Tank ALEC “Fired”

Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, has been on a book promotion tour the last few weeks. On NPR’s Diane Rehm show earlier this week he out-and-said the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) was “literally lying” about the reality of climate

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Eco-labels. Seen ’em? Counted on ’em?

A. Definition Eco-labels are affixed to products that pass eco-friendly criteria laid down by government, association or standards certification bodies. The criteria utilise extensive research based on the product’s life cycle impact on the environment.  (source: Google search) Here are

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(good to know…)


Solar Water Wheel Skimmer

…or, what else to call it? Its inventor, John Kellett, has several names for it, including “trash mill.” On the Healthy Harbor website it’s called “Inner Harbor Waterwheel.” (Healthy Harbor’s an initiative of the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, Inc.) This

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Apple: “We’re always trying to improve the way we conduct our greenhouse gas life cycle analysis.”

“And when our assessments reveal a material, process or system that’s making a significant negative impact on our carbon footprint, we re‐examine how we design that product, process or facility.” Apple, Inc., the world’s second largest information technology company, grabbed

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Making the Best of Waste: Innovation, Jobs and Profits

Anybody reading this post wearing an Under Armour item of apparel right now?  Does it happen to be the Catalyst tee as described above by UA? Well, back in 2011, when UA was selling less of everything ($1.47B) than it

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Bad News in the Air…

or, actually, about the air. Today’s Washington Post’s headline reads: “CO2 levels in atmosphere rising at dramatically faster rate, U.N. report warns.” From the report: “The symbolically important threshold of 400 parts [CO2] per million — described by scientists as the

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The “Internet of Things” – Most of Us Have Office Space in Buildings Owned by Others

  One thrust governments have historically undertaken, and will continue to, is seeding innovation “societally.”  Medicine and health care immediately come to mind. So do: Transportation; Agriculture; and, Green House Gas Emissions (GHGs) Reduction. (Solyndra also occurs.) Today’s post is

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