Month: July 2014

Headline: Water Efficiency at St. Margaret’s to Get Even Better–in advance of the new building

First thing to note about the subject is that St. Margaret’s does not irrigate. No grass or plant bed sprinklering—even during summer heat waves. That decision should earn 4 LEED points for “Water Efficient Landscaping – reduce by 50% or

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“Even Wal-Mart is promoting its environmental credentials in the seafood aisle.” (also see In Sundry Dept.)

The title of this post comes from a recent Baltimore Sun article called “Seafood that’s sea-friendly.” The piece goes on to say that customers are increasingly asking their grocery store fish mongers if the seafood offered above the beds of ice

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So, It’s Been A While… Let’s Take a Gander at Another Form of Alternative Energy, and etc. (Google)

With the amount of time that’s lapsed since my last post, I should be offering something special, right? Something worth the wait, fully re-energizing your interest in reading this blog… Well, I’ve got that post in mind, but it’s not

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