Month: September 2013

Harness the Wind – Green Power! P.S.

(more on Green Power…) I’ve taken to analyzing my BGE bill since early this year, comparing it to each billing period last year.  (Yeah, I’m lots of fun at a dinner party.) So, in the current bill I notice a

Formation Building Construction Waste Management Scenario

Under the LEED certification category of Materials & Resources is Construction Waste Management, a project credit typically worth up to 2 points. Projects pursuing LEED certification can earn one point for 50% and two for 75% construction waste—either by weight or by

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Harness the Wind – Green Power!

Today we prayerfully remember the terrorist attack on our nation which snuffed out the lives of nearly 3,000 on this date in 2001. God bless those who lost loved ones and friends. Linked here is the National September 11 Memorial &

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