Month: June 2013

Capital Campaign Logo – Official!

  That so much progress has been made so far is…divine!

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Recycled! Ideas…

                      If any readers have spared the landfill by making functional items from “waste” recycled, such as the watering buggy, please share a pix of your craft so I may

Could Be Artful. A Most Important Aspect of Local Building Regulations, and LEED Criteria – Part I

For me, personally/professionally, for your Formation Building and for advocates of Bay restoration actions, stormwater management is one of the most important, involved and rewarding aspects of support for sustainable eco systems. Cost, of course, is another aspect of it.

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Vacation Planning News? (Follow-up to Seaver TED Talk post) + Redux

From the Monday edition of The Washington Post comes an article titled “Beyond trail mix: New standards will bring healthier, sustainable food options to the national parks.” This news is heartening. Uh huh, good for the heart! The National Park

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Comfortable? Just Right? Or, In Need of a Portable Heater?

So, at the beach, comfort isn’t complicated. Bring a sweater or shirt, just in case, or maybe a windbreaker—and a portable umbrella if you have one. Or, rent one. If still uncomfortable, hit the water or retreat to a nearby

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