Month: April 2013

Lookin’ for Some Good News on the Climate Change Front?

According to the highlighted article in today’s Washington Post: “…[Great Britain’s] winemakers [are] crediting climate change for the warmer weather that has seemed to improve their bubbly.”

…it’s the air you breathe

“Why kiss the air? (Cause it’s the air you breathe)” –Mourning Widows Well, according to the American Lung Association’s just-released report, “State of the Air,” kissing the air a little less might be a good thing. See the report here.

A New-Fangled Contraption? Not Really. It’s Just A Bathroom Fixture with Additional Water-Saving Feature

When visiting friends in Florida recently, Paul said to me: Hey, Mr. LEED Green guy, let me show you something you might be interested in seeing. Out to the garage he led me. Nope, nothing new that I could immediately

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Headed in the right direction…

Off-grid is green “Although a desire to go green isn’t usually the primary driver for people going off-grid, the lifestyle has many environmental benefits,” according to John Platt writing for online publication mothernaturenetwork. “For one thing, most off-grid homes or

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Things I’ve Forgotten or Never Knew about Trees, Wood—and the Atmosphere

This post is basically an excerpt from an advertisement by reThink Wood in a professional green building magazine I get, and from a couple of green-related websites with linkage by me between ’em. (From reThink) “Forests Absorb, Store and Release

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