Month: March 2013

Bird’s Eye View?

Ever been sitting somewhere in your home during the fairer weather months, quiet enough to hear a thumping sound at the nearby window or glass slider? I have, ignoring it typically ‘til I’m in the yard a day later where

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Expect a Return from ‘Your’ Nest Egg? So Does ‘She’

In the place from where I write this is a cottage directory. Under the tab “Sea Turtles” is a piece offered with this catchy title. From May through October sea turtles need dark beaches. During the summer months on Florida’s

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Renewable Energy Commitment for Savings

There’re days when I’m looking on my personal power grid for any renewing energy I can find; eating a Clif Bar, taking a power nap, etc. For your proposed green building, you can look behind the sofa or under the

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Enjoying Daylight at Work? Or is it more like the Dark Hole of Calcutta there?

Who isn’t happier for daylight streaming into places of work, or in our homes? The LEED 3rd-party rating system being employing for the proposed building has a credit for projects that achieve 75% daylighting of all interior spaces. Good idea,

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