Month: February 2013

River Gardens to Help Restore the Magothy

The article’s accompanying picture is captioned: “Environmental activists work on a floating garden of natural river grasses. The Magothy River Association is planning a workshop to teach waterfront residents how to build the floats and attract marine life.” I’m guessing

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More Heat Island Effect – really?

So, there’s more sustainability planned for the renovation at my home. The 3-lane dark asphalt driveway will be replaced by two lanes of light-colored pervious pavers or loose stone and possibly one lane of open-grid pavers. (The image with firetruck

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Wonder What a Heat Island Is?

Wish I’d asked myself that question before we re-shingled our house 8 years ago. A very dark gray architectural shingling was selected to complement the lighter gray on the exterior walls. Traditional. Having just repainted our house an even lighter

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Upcoming Sustainable Gardens Event in Annapolis

The following was announced in The Capital yesterday, March 18th: “Garden enthusiasts, environmentalists, educators, greening organization, nonprofit organizations, community lovers, nature photographers, area planners and residents are invited to attend an event sponsored by Unity Gardens on Marcy 2 at

Net Zero Energy Home Newly Built in Tampa

Click here to read of a new home built in Tampa where “Net Zero Energy Marries Style with Sustainability.” The builder says: “We wanted luxury home-buying clients to come into this house and look at it as a presentation of

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Several parishioners ride their bikes to church on Sundays. (I’m not going to call it exercising for the Gospel.) You can have spaces for their transportation needs too—bike racks. Matter of fact, the LEED program encourages alternative means of transportation

“Here is what every house of worship can do.” Realigning our values…

I have to admit that not very much of what’s reported here has been on my radar ’til now: Our Bay: Congregations go green with ‘creation care’. (Sorry that link to the has been deleted.) Consider asking around about

Governor’s Mansion Lawns To Be Weened Off Chemicals: Saving the Bay by the Sq. Yd.

A prominent yard in Annapolis is “eschewing pesticides and trying nonchemical practices, such as overseeding and using compost, to boost the grass.” Check out this link to read more. And, here’s Maryland’s green website with loads of information that may

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