Month: January 2013

Annapolis State House

The Lower House of Delegates Building was awarded LEED for Commercial Interiors Gold certification late last year. Check out Annapolis building helps state earn ‘green’ honor, the 3rd blurb down the page.

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C-MAX ! (envy?)

My sister drove me from Cleveland to Detroit recently in her new Ford C-MAX.  Sheesh, wish I had one!  (Wish-list is a friendlier notion than envy.)  Her car’s advertised MPG is 47—both city and highway.  I’m seeing cars like these,

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Local LEED® Home

Copy and paste the following link into a new tab in your browser and hit go: (page removed from website. Sorry)

Primer II: LEED-ing into Living Green

As I was saying in Primer I, there were 2 billion square feet of LEED-certified building stock worldwide as of July 2102. OTOH, the numbers of LEED-certified buildings belonging to faith-based organizations probably aren’t more than a few handfuls. We

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Primer I: Up-to-Speed on LEED®? (If you’re sure, you can skip to the next post)

Your Vestry has decided that the proposed new Education/Formation Building is to be designed and constructed by the most sustainable means possible in support of our Christian pledge to Environmental Stewardship. LEED®, standing for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design,

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