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St. Margaret’s New Building Project to be LEED® Certified

My Experience at St. Margaret’s, More Personally

Awhile back I was invited by Jodi Rose, the Executive Director of Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake (IFP), to write about my personal experience as a sustainable building consultant for St. Margaret’s Church of Annapolis, MD. As editors oft do,

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It’s Now Official. On-Site Roof-Mounted Solar for St. Margaret’s Church!

St. Margaret’s Church Rector, the Rev. Peter Mayer, put a teaser in the mid-week email blast to the parish saying he had two very important announcements for Sunday. To “goose” it some for the parish on the church’s Facebook page, staff

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A Rewarding Evening for A Green Dream Team. Indeed!

It was the night of the USGBC Maryland chapter’s 11th Annual Wintergreen Awards for Excellence in Green Building, held at the Green Street Academy in Baltimore on January 28th. The Green Street Academy is a building of great bones on

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Greenwash or Raw Milk for Big Business? Raw Milk for Goldman Sachs – update.

Ft. McHenry LEED certified? Well, its Visitor Center Is. Also: a stunning desert home rated green by a different program

On a beautiful day back in September my wife and I went to Ft. McHenry. I’ve seen a lot of America, including many, many historic sites. But not Ft. McHenry. Now, living in Baltimore City for well more than a

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Fuel Cell Technology – Powering Neighborhoods. And Your Ride. (+ late-breaking news)

About a year-and-a-half ago, the largest fuel cell generation plant in North America was unveiled in Bridgeport. There are five FuelCell Energy DFC3000™ systems combined, called Dominion Bridgeport, producing 14.9 MW of power from the downtown Bridgeport area just off I-95.

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2015 U. S. Open Over? Not Yet–Here Anyway. Bring Your Clubs to Play It Again.

This post is about sustainable golf course design with several nods to golfer expectations at Chambers Bay. “The land set aside for the golf course was degraded after a century of industrial usage but contained bold landforms shaped by wind

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Chemistry Disclosed in Household/Personal Care Products. (Great!)

A recent article, “Smells Like Hawaii (and Benzyl Acetate): Revealing the Chemicals in Glade’s Fragrances,” brings good news and relief to those of us who do our best to recommend commercial and household cleaning products that are green.  Read: (a)

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“Organic Matters…” What Select Women Artists Are Saying About the Environment

Just opening at the National Museum of Women Artists (NMWA) in Washington, DC, through September 13th, is the show called “Organic Matters—Women to Watch 2015.” From the exhibition catalog: “Collectively, their work addresses modern society’s complex relationship with the environment,

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Water & Subsidence, Part 2 – Hampton Roads and Norfolk Naval Station

Setting on the nation’s largest know geological impact crater, the Hampton Roads area is sinking at an average rate of 4mm/yr. Sea rise, along with subsidence, is creating a planning challenge for the Navy Department as well as city and

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