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“Energy Sprawl”

That’s the title of a feature article in Nature Conservancy magazine’s Fall issue. What really drew my attention to the article is the Land Use vs. Carbon Footprint graphic shown here.  Good info, easy to take in. And, something I hadn’t really

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Resilience: Readying for Another Superstorm

Picking up where I last left off on resiliency, Development Projects Featuring “Resilience” to Climate Change (Pt 2), I noted a major project is well underway to help lessen the effects of future extreme climate events on the people and

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Goodwill Stitched into the Urban Fabric

Late last year I wrote about GE’s new HQ, choosing new construction and renovation in Boston’s Seaport District in favor of its grassy suburban digs in Fairfield County, CT. “We want our [new] campus to be a global epicenter of

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Black Rail Bird Threatened (last week) – Offsetting Good News

Last week’s post ended: “As sea level rise has been noted more recently, you might ask yourself if something else contributed to the Eastern Black Rail’s near-extinction over the 25-year period? How ’bout substantial coastal urbanization that’s included paving over

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Not St. Paddy’s Day (yet) but let’s have a look at “Green Beer” – 2

Last week’s post left off by stating that Guinness Storehouse No. 4 is now a carbon-neutral building. Meanwhile, in Mills River, NC, Sierra Nevada’s new brewery was opened in 2014. LEED® Platinum certification was awarded last year. USGBC magazine writer

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Not St. Paddy’s Day (yet) but let’s have a look at “Green Beer” – 1

Several summers ago, a memorable family trip to find ancestral roots in Ireland, among objectives, was had. During our stay in Dublin, we 5 toured the Guinness St. James Gate Storehouse and, of course, found  time to drink a free

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Greenwash or Raw Milk for Big Business? Looking at Colgate-Palmolive

For some reason, global consumer products company Colgate-Palmolive was not among the 154 companies that signed the 2015 American Business Act on Climate Pledge. Competitors Proctor & Gamble and Unilever were. (I’ve written about others which committed–several on Goldman Sachs and

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Wellness at Work? WELL Certified

“We spend 90% of our time indoors.” Introducing here… The International Well Building Institute, a public benefit corporation, is a relatively new organization offering a voluntary 3rd-party performance-based certification of buildings in order to “[empower] the creation of healthy environments

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A Millennial’s View – Tesla, the “inexpensive” version

[Happy New Year, All!] Mark, a great friend of our son’s, visited all of us gathered at Christmas. He graduated from college nearly 7 years ago, and now works as a detective for the San Rafael, CA, PD. Striking up

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2017 Predictions

While waiting a few more days for the New Year… here’s what I think we’ll see in 2017. Top 5: California and China will lead the global green movement as the incoming U.S. federal government leadership seeks what’s clean about

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